The Day Was Made and Destroyed

The Melody gets louder, am used to the tone, although eyes were not wide open I located the device with a stretch of my hand and pressed “Dismiss”. Yes, it was my Alarm and the time was 5.30 AM. With a quick refresh I was on the road in 20 minutes buying my favorite “The Hindu” and sipping Lemon Tea, as usual read the Sports column and well it just took me 30 minutes. The Laptop was placed and configured in the Living room such that it was easy to switch on and get to my official mails direct. The very first mail was an awesome appreciation from the client and I quickly went into Cloud Nine. I could complete my formal replies to items in Inbox sooner than normal and headed for a shower. I hit the road earlier than usual and it was a fun ride with no traffic, the food at my usual place was extra special and at 8.30 AM I was in my desk. With most of work already completed I waited for the clock to tick 9.30 and there she came with her awesome smile and said GM. I wished her and was waiting for her next word, she looked more beautiful than ever. For a surprise she took me to a Tea break whereas I was the one who usually urge her and that continued for our Lunch and evening breaks. It was hard to believe that there were no fights between us today and all day she was flashing her infectious smile at me. As far as the work, it was quite an amazing day that it went all smooth. I was on the road early again and on my couch watching “The Big Bang Theory” before sunset.

Just when I was thinking what a Perfect Day it was, The Melody became Noise and this time I had to hit the “Dismiss” and not the “Snooze”.


Published by: keerthichandar

Day dreamer, once an aspiring Physicist, I read all sense and non-sense. One who firmly believes "Time is Omnipotent" and all occurrences in the Universe are Random. I do not endorse any Religion, I practice Hinduism.

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