Being Human

The Easiest and the Toughest to be is “Being Human”. The proverb that comes first to mind when I sit down to write this topic is “Be Roman in Rome”. We have seen numerous Indian movies portraying the struggles of a Protagonist who wants to do Good and be Perfect. Being Human is not only about showing Love, rather it is a collage of all the good characters /personalities that the majority of the society designates it to be Good. Does it take too much to Being Human? How much will it cost literally? Tricky questions and hence the answers are not unanimous. The disaster in Nepal and elsewhere by Quakes, injustice to a particular Race, slavery and rape in the middle east, mass killings of ethnic groups, clashes in the name of religion and God, road accidents, suicides and many more could not be stopped completely but the negative impact could well be halved if at least 10% people all over start “Being Human”.

Being Human is divine and above all. Yes, it is above God. Respect to the fellow being and following the laid rules are two of the tiniest yet more powerful way to exhibit Being human. It takes the Life and Costs the Life for Being Human.


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